It’s not a secret that we are naturally drawn to people who are confident; we gravitate towards them for inexplicable reasons. Perhaps because we see in them what we want to be. This plays into one of the biggest factors in sales and marketing: perception. Our decision to buy is based on what we see and how it makes us feel. For that reason…

Confident people are noticeable—they stand out.

Of course, confidence is not something you can put on like an outfit.  It’s gained by continuously expanding your knowledge about yourself, your customer, and your products and/or services; it also involves practicing the best way to conduct yourself in front of your customer.

Wanna show more confidence?  Start with these:

Mind your posture (in person or before you call)

  • Stand tall, put your shoulders back, chest up, and firmly plant your feet
  • Look people in the eye while speaking to them, and tilt your head a bit with your chin up
  • Smile

Talk slower and listen more

  • Ask questions instead of making a sales pitch
  • Take time to pause, breathe, and smile—the opposite of anxious
  • Listen to understand, not so you can respond

Make people feel important

  • Don’t wait to be approached; introduce yourself and shake hands
  • Find something you like about them and express your admiration by way of a compliment (but be genuine)
  • Firmly acknowledge in your responses by saying “that’s awesome!” instead of “yeah, that’s interesting”