It was a dreary England morning when I walked out of my Airbnb to go to the nearest town for groceries. 

I decided to walk instead of calling an Uber. I figured I’d wander around in town and enjoy the scenery.  It is, after all, England, where everything seems to grow mystically well.  

Heading down east Grinstead, I met an old lady that came out from one of the cottages (they call their homes cottages–I was staying at the wilderness cottage). We started chatting and I told her that the area is such a wonderful place despite the gloomy weather; I even saw a herd of deers roaming the ravines. 


“Oh yeah, they are plenty around.  But did you see the white one?”

White deer?  No, I’ve never seen one.” I said to her.

“Well, if you get lucky you might see one.  It only shows up for certain people.”  

We said goodbye and she went back to tending her garden.

When I got back to our Airbnb, I asked the host about the white deer and she said she has never seen one and she’s been in this property for over 5 years. Interesting I thought.

The next morning, I made myself a coffee and as I opened the sliding door to look at the ravine down below, I saw her…standing a few feet from the door. 

She looked right at me!   

Speechless and shocked but I quickly acknowledged her grace, she nodded, and then made a swift about-face and galloped down the hill to the herd, where they were grazing. 

I put down my coffee and grabbed my phone to take this picture. 

I told everyone about it, but they didn’t believe me. Luckily I have a picture of this moment, albeit grainy because of the distance. 

She looked magnificent.  With her long and graceful neck, she grazed with rhythm, certainty and providence.  Yes, providence–she is a goddess and acted like one. 

I had forgotten about it, but my conversation today with someone reminded me of this moment.  She shared with me the significance of a white deer.   

So after our conversation, I googled the subject and here are some bits of what I found: 

“Usually, white animals were seen during soul-quests or vision-quests…. When white occurs in the animal realm, it is a message of:

  • higher thoughts
  • higher ideals
  • purity of soul
  • cleansing of spirit
  • attaining higher knowledge ”

“King Arthur’s repeatedly unsuccessful pursuit of the white stag represents mankind’s quest for spiritual knowledge….”


A coincidence or a prophecy?

I didn’t go to England on vacation. I went there for some spiritual enlightenment.  And whether my purpose, transformation and spiritual quest have anything to do with this encounter…it’s anyone’s guess. 

All I know is that I’ve never been the same.