That’s how you make money: making a difference in people’s lives, doing what you love.  It’s selling in a way that feels right—because it doesn’t have to feel icky, pushy, or fraudulent. I get it!  Selling can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be. When you make it about having fun and serving others in the most authentic way, then selling comes naturally.
Do you know what it takes to make a client buy without being pushy?
It’s not rocket science — it can easily be learned. Some clients know what they want and what they are looking for. Some don’t—until they see something they feel can solve their problems or hear something that moves them. Sometimes, the perfect question can lead them to feel compelled to invest in themselves, can make them open up to you, and ultimately it can lead them to pursue their dreams through you.
That’s what you want: to know exactly what to do in any sales situations without compromising your personal integrity—your core values. And to handle sales objections with grace—naturally and effortlessly. 
I am on a  mission to change the world (a tall order  I know) by teaching others how to sell with authenticity and class.   As an introvert, I’ve discovered that I didn’t have to “sell” like the boys did in the boiler room to survive in business. I just have to be me. I live in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada, but I do business all over the world.


I started my dream like everyone else: with a strong desire and passion for freedom, and to grow my business, make money, and travel the world—all the while helping others do the same. We all want that, right? However, my desire to help people wasn’t enough—I had to sell my ideas and solution. I knew I didn’t want to use the sales tactics I learned in my previous careers. I didn’t want to pressure or use tactics on anyone to buy my service.
Then came a major breakthrough: I realized I had to shift my mindset and embrace who I truly am—a heart-centered, creative entrepreneur who detests sales tactics and pressures.   That took some work. At first, I struggled. But once I looked inside and learned more about myself, I discovered I actually have the best qualities to be awesome in sales because I listen more, I am intuitive, and I can empathize with people easily. That’s when I blossomed.


Turns out, there are many! And, if you are reading this, you are probably  one of them.  You see, the majority of sales training, programs and courses out there are created for extroverts.  It doesn’t work for us soulful introverts— it’s intimidating. This led me to develop the sales process I now use (and teach) to engage and attract happy clients, and to ultimately make them say yes through a natural progression of the relationship-building process that’s fun and fulfilling.

Want to learn how to shine your brilliance and sell in a way that’s natural, soulful, and authentic? Join the ranks of leaders and entrepreneurs who’ve mastered the art of authentic selling.




Experience is not everything, but it helps me identify why you are having trouble selling yourself — because it may not be what you think. Ever dreamt of working with an experienced bestie who ‘gets’ it?  A friend who is positive, confident, and real? Try me!


You are not a douche.  You are a heart-centered entrepreneur and you are tired of high-pressured sales tactics.  Authentic selling is showing up as the best version of yourself. Are you ready to build a thriving business using a more wholistic approach? 


The internet is full of information on what to do, but not HOW TO DO IT. And that’s not how I roll.  My focus is on teaching you the exact steps to master soul-driven, authentic selling, so you can grow your business being you.  Because being pushy is, well, not sexy or fun.


“I really enjoyed and benefited greatly from this course (Sales Masterclass). I am a multi-entrepreneur and my most successful business is in direct sales. I also organize events to showcase entrepreneurs and coordinate a network of heart-centred women. In all of my professional activities, selling is key! I have several systems in place for finding new prospects, engaging them and connecting with them. What I didn’t have is an actual sales process, and thus lacked the ability to pinpoint exactly where I could improve on my sales and particularly closing. With the course, I learned what is part of the sales process, broken down into steps that are easy to understand and follow. Imie is a great mentor and teacher and does group coaching all along the course, which is a very original and effective way of leading a course. I have learned a lot and even started implementing and achieving results in my sales during the course! I highly recommend this course and the trainer for the professional skills you can acquire as well as for the personalized group experience and opportunity to network and learn along with other business owners.”
Charlotte Habbeger

Senior Sales Director, and Networking Expert

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect after registering for this course…I have only been in my business for less than a year and never been through sales training like this one.

This Sales Masterclass has taught me the proper steps in the Sales Process. I didn’t know there was an actual process. I just thought you go out there and sell to whoever listened. I guess that’s why there was always a negative connotation to SALES. I am very passionate about what I am offering and I truly believe that it can help a lot of people. Now how do I get people to listen to me without sounding so SALESY? Well, now I know. This Sales Process that I learnt in this course was very heart-centred. It taught me the skills to sell what I had to offer without the SALESY feeling and taught me to sell to people that are ready to listen. It will make my prospects feel that I really care about them because I am offering value to their specific needs.

I also enjoyed that the sessions were intimate as it gave everyone a chance to speak and share their thoughts and opinions.

I truly believe this has given me a totally different perspective on my business and that it will help me reach my business goals faster. I have already started implementing some of the skills I’ve learnt and the feedback has been great!

Thank you Imie for being a wonderful coach! You really heard each of our struggles and provided great solutions. I truly appreciate you and all the wonderful ladies that I got to meet.”

Nessely Sunga-Cabling

Multipationate Entrepreneur

“When I use what I learned from the Sales Masterclass, it gave me total certainty on what I can do for that person. I had some certainty before, but using the phrase that Imie taught us, made a big difference in the way I was telling it…the vibe was different while I was saying that, which totally change what the person receives from me. I got a new client (while doing the course)! And I have total confidence because of what I said during the selling (sales conversation). The person was really suffering and because of what I said–and I am not saying it here because it’s in your course, but that really made a big difference for me and for that person. And I am certain of the success of our working together because of the way it began…because of this connection established at the beginning.”
Lyne Marie Germain

Communication Coach (French)

“I really appreciated how quickly you and your team worked, and how you were so clear in each step along the way (which for a techie know-nothing like me is very comforting!)

…I thought you were very generous with your tutoring time and always explained things in a way that was easy to understand. I also appreciated your extra input on opt-in suggestions and that you put no pressure on me to do anything about it until I was ready to implement it.

I would be happy to use your services anytime in the future again and recommend you to anyone who needed work done.”

Joanna Krop

Teaching Wellbeing

“I have known that I need to sharpen up my online marketing presence for quite some time now but I was confused and had no clue where to start. So, I along with my colleague from Larry’s Painting and Repairs, went to an Imie’s online marketing seminar. IT WAS AMAZINGLY SIMPLE! I finally learned where to market for my needs, what actions to get coordinated within my company to direct my marketing strategy, and many other easy to follow and apply actions to boom my business. The time and resources was well spent. Thank you Imie for listening to me and your clear and easy to follow directions.”
Howard Pendergast

Howard Pendergast Photography

“Ms. Belanger has always delivered innovative, effective services in the most ethical, trustworthy professional manner. She makes sure that you are well beyond satisfied before and after the delivery of service.

She has made herself available to help well after the delivery. I highly recommend Imie!

Pete Mauricio

“I can better tailor my message out to the world so they are more targeted.

The transformation point in lesson two is great because it is exactly the button I pushed with a potential partner on Thursday night. She bought over $150 in products.”



“We just have to express our total satisfaction in our dealings, with you….You are so calm, your patience is also incredible; never making us feel inadequate in the things that we have to face and learn. You allow us to work things out in our own time frames, acknowledging us for our accomplishments, no matter how small they may be. We feel very inspired by how you deal with things and as a result we both are learning much faster.

Your dealings with us have been entirely professional, very organized in all your actions that have been executed, with moving our project forward. In every case, whenever you said you were going to do something – you came through. This is a service that was much needed by us. It’s been a total pleasure dealing with you and we have been totally cared for – from start to finish. Your total care is demonstrated by the ongoing project and assistance you have given us to keep us continuing, and it is very much appreciated. We have no hesitation in recommending that others use your service(s).”

Marlene Bonifacio

Larry's Painting