The No. 1 Reason Why Most People Stay Broke & Unhappy

Sometimes we spend and sometimes we invest. Not being clear on the difference may very well be one of the major reasons why people stay where they are and not moving forward towards their goal.

It’s an important mindset and growth factor that I’ve adopted seven years ago which changed my life. I am sharing this with you and hope this could help you reach your goals and dreams as well.

In order for us to change our conditions and circumstances, we have to change our mindset.

Know When You Are Spending and Investing

When I pay $3.75 at Starbucks for a cappuccino, that’s spending. While one could argue that the “experience” is worth it – I beg to differ. That money is gone.


But when I spend that $3.75 for an e-book that teaches me how to do something to enhance my ability to create more income, that’s investing.

However, if after reading the e-book and I didn’t apply what I learned, that’s spending.

Here’s another way of looking at it.

If you go out to meet someone; are you spending your time or investing?

Your answer would depend on the goal and purpose of that activity. What did you intend to accomplish with this person?

Time is one of your most valuable asset that must be spent wisely.

Don’t get the idea that my sole motivation is purely personal. Far from it.  I use to spend so much time with people; trying to help them with their issues, lending my ear and talent, but I realized soon enough, that unless they want to be helped, my efforts were for naught. An example was a girlfriend who talked endlessly about her ex-husband’s and kids’ faults. I never felt any better after seeing her, instead, I was utterly exhausted every time I met up with her.  I wanted to help her get out of the funk so desperately – but nothing worked.

Do you get the idea?

My gift to you.

2 Powerful Mindsets To Change Your Life In 2014

1. Whenever you want to buy something, ask yourself this question.  Am I spending or investing?

2. Time is money.  So choose how you spend your time and with whom.  Playing games on Facebook is spending, posting selfie is also spending and involving in people’s drama is a waste of time.  Whereas working on connecting with people (preferably people that you admire with a lot to offer) to grow yourself  is investing.

Choose wisely.

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