Nothing  has the power to boost your productivity as surely and easily as a positive frame of mind.

Remember that.

Granted,  having a positive frame of mind doesn’t come naturally to everyone.  If you are one of the many people who have never put much thought into it, this is the time to start.

Being positive allows you to feel more confident about yourself, thus accomplishing more.

Positive thoughts begets positive things.

“Thoughts are things; thoughts are energy; thoughts are magnets which attract to use the very things which we think.” David Bush

Having negative thoughts on things brings in more negatives.   You must think and concentrate on the things that you want; not the things you don’t want.

Here’s a simple exercise you can do to immediately change your outlook in life:
1. Look around your surrounding and find at least three things that are positive and beautiful.  If you can’t find any in your immediate surrounding; go out for a walk and spot things that are positive or beautiful.

2. List three positive things in your life.

3.  Think of someone and name three things positive about that person.

4.  Stop reading the news. You probably already know that positive things hardly make it on the news.   If you are connected or work with someone negative, try avoiding that person.

Whenever you feel down, do this exercise and you will accomplish much more.

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