Since posting my FEAR post, I’ve been thinking…

It’s totally okay to have fear because who doesn’t?  Being brave doesn’t necessarily mean you are fearless. It means, you confront your fear by moving forward and going for it in spite of discomfort and fear. That’s living in my book!

We all have our own fears, and I have not met anyone who is without fear. But I’ve met quite a few who are brave. Brave enough to go after their dreams and face the unknown.

brave and bold

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Take fashion for example; I was perusing pinterest last week and came across some bold fashion finds and I said to myself: “why not?!”  Being brave means taking chances, and not being afraid to try something new.

I’ve always hated dark colours and prefer bolder, brighter clothes; so last Saturday, I opted for a pink sweater over a blue skirt that’s been hiding in my closet.  Some might have thought my outfit was too bright – but I didn’t care, it lifted my spirit during a dreary, rainy evening.

brave with colors

To me, that’s what matters. How you feel is far more important than how others feel towards you.

What do you think? Would love to know what you think so comment below:)