You’re In!

So what’s next?

I need a favour from you.

My goal in life is to teach you how to sell without pressure. Because you know…women don’t need to be pushy to make money!

To that end, I want to know more about what you are struggling with so I can address them in the training.

Which of these (1-7) do you struggle with the most? 

  1. Self confidence: communicating the value of my product/service to prospective clients.
  2. Finding and attracting the right people to sell to—in abundance.
  3. How to approach people, connect and engage—prospecting online (social media).
  4. How to introduce my product/service, and ask for the sale—without sounding sales-y (or feeling awkward).
  5. How to smoothly handle objections with grace.
  6. Sales tools and system to help me build my prospect list and turn them into customers.

Please use the form below to let me know your answer(s).

Thank you!

What Are You Struggling With The Most?