Feeling uninspired?

Do you feel stuck in one place, like you’re not moving forward the way that you’d like?

Unfortunately, there is no application, pill, or quick fix, except to exhale and look for inspiration. I believe the solution is to bring out the creative person within you.

We all must create because:

Life requires constant creativity to spur action, which leads to better health and wealth.

Business requires us to innovate in order to keep moving forward and  prevent stagnation.

But as we tread through life, we often get caught up in a daily  life routine; we forget to look around us and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings, robbing ourselves from enjoying the fruits of our labour.

We need inspiration to keep on moving

Sometimes we look elsewhere for inspiration, instead of looking at what’s in front of us.

I work from home, and every so often I would look out the back garden to think through an idea and find some inspiration. Today, I saw nothing interesting; just the dreariness of winter.

As I peeked through the curtains, I saw several inches of pure, powdery  snow and crystal-like icicles hanging over the twigs that are stuck in a plant pot on my porch.  Poor plants, I thought.


But wait, look at those icicles…

I went to take a closer look and, as I bent down to investigate, I saw the glistening icicles, dripping off the dead plant, bowing gracefully.

Wow, what a beauty, I thought.

icicle beauty creative

I went back in the house to get my iPhone and wandered through the garden snapping pictures of those beautiful creations right in my backyard.

creative beauty

Frozen berries.

creative beauty by nature

Japanese maple, frozen and preserved.

“Hidden treasures are reserved for those who look”

Do you know how the California Gold Rush came about?

“On the morning of January 24, 1848, Marshall was examining the channel below the mill when he noticed some shiny flecks in the channel bed.’I picked up one or two pieces and examined them attentively; and having some general knowledge of minerals, I could not call to mind more than two which in any way resembled this, sulphuret of iron, very bright and brittle; and gold, bright, yet malleable.'” Source: Wikipedia.

rough gold

Now it’s your turn. Find something interesting in your surroundings, capture it, and share me your thoughts.