There was an ice storm in Toronto causing great damages to trees and electric wires leaving 2,500 households in the dark.

As I drove by the neighbourhood, I saw the damage and the wonders and the beauty of natures, reminding me that life requires flexibility.

I was once a hard core believer of “rightness” , staying true to my belief which can easily be classified as being stubborn. I didn’t want to “adjust” to anything; thinking it would be compromising my own integrity.  But I realized, it is not necessary to “adjust”, but rather see things from different perspective and act accordingly. For instance, there were times when my siblings would get annoyed of each other. And frankly, I would have rather left it sort itself out in time.   However, there were kids involved and I certainly didn’t want my kids, nephews and nieces to suffer because of it. So I have had to bend. Not give in, but bend and causatively do things outside my comfort zone.

Be Willing To Change Course

Happy are those who are willing to let go when things don’t work out. This applies to relationships with someone, work or business.

While persistence is required to achieve your goals, know when to stop and start all over. It’s not quitting, it’s changing course.

Plan But Prepare To Adjust

Planning is a must if you want to get where you want to go.  But as true as the sun rises each day, no matter how well you plan, unforeseen things will disrupt you. And you do much better if you expect the unexpected, enjoy the moment when it comes and be ready to adjust accordingly to win.  Because flexibility is a matter of survival.

“The key to sustained happiness, health, and longevity is flexibility.” ― Ev Durán