The phrase “I have not time” is the no.1 objection that business owners and sales people come across with regularly.

We dread hearing it. And I can’t say I blame you. It’s frustrating!

But, if there’s anything that I know to be true in business is that the only way to deal with frustration is to deal with it head on. Every successful business owner has to learn to master getting prospective clients to say yes.



The most crucial thing you should know is this:

When a prospect gives you an objection, they’re really trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings related to changing their situation. And the first thing that comes to their mind is the objection.  I take this as a “cry for help”.  Because the truth is: time can be controlled.  We make time. We allot time to whatever we feel is important.  However, it is important to understand that our reality is different from that of the prospect.  If they feel they don’t have time, they may truly believe it.  Which in this case, one must show empathy and understanding, without agreeing to it.



When the prospective client says: I have no time, you can do three things:

  1. Give them a full acknowledgement. Not juts a brush off respond. Make the person feel you do understand.
  2. Get intimate and deep.  Find out what’s really behind that objection.  It’s your chance to get to know the prospect more intimately. Ask questions to find out what’s really going on such as “I totally get it.  So what’s keeping you busy these days?”. If they feel you’re there to listen, they will give you more detailed information on their lives.
  3. Present your solution when you know what’s keeping them frustrated. Say something like “If I can show you how to make more money without working any harder, would that help you?”  Or “I am hearing that you have no time for beauty care, now if I can show you how to dramatically improve the way you look with just a few minutes a day, would that help you?”