People don’t want to be talked to or talked at. Period.

They don’t want to be “convinced” or “manipulated.”

So if you are trying to get a prospect to listen to you, agree with you, and be on your side, you will make a dog’s breakfast out of the sales conversation.  You’ll alienate and tune them out.  They’ll appear to be listening and somewhat interested. They might even say they agree with you, but they will not say YES to your offer. Because this kind of agreement is a false agreement. What they really want you to do is to shut up. So they will agree with you to end the conversation and move on.

Don’t explain. Don’t make an argument or try to explain your position.  Don’t try to talk someone into something. Because this position projects the idea that you are right and they are wrong.

It doesn’t work.

And if you find yourself explaining, know that you’ve already lost the sale, and it’s time to recalibrate and change your approach or backtrack.

What works best?

If you want to get anyone on your side for anything, you need to:

  1. Disarm them.  And to do that, you need to give them the idea that you will not force them into doing anything without their agreement. But don’t say, “I am not selling you anything.”  This will be insincere because you will sell them something. Rather, be present and listen. Starts the conversation right and build rapport. Invest your time learning more about their issues and understanding what drives them. What motivates them, and what do they want in life? You need to gather enough information. This is your sales intelligence.   And use the sales process to guide them into wanting to “change.”
  2. Demonstrate empathy. Be on their side. Not just telling them that you “understand” them or that you get it, but demonstrate in your communication that you “get them.” It’s a precise skill, and I teach that in my Heartcore Masterclass.  You want them to feel that energy.  Make them FEEL heard.
  3. Show them nirvana. Show them the possibility of getting them out of their pain and suffering. Show them there is a solution.  But… not just pitch, but provide a good reason why they should, highlighting the value of your offer. This is an important pitch, and I share the exact wording in the masterclass, and all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

The three steps above are done in sequence. These steps are broken down into simple steps in the sales process, and once you understand the sequence, the steps, what exact questions to ask, and how to respond correctly, you will naturally get anyone on your side, whether they are ready to buy or not. They’ll be impressed with you and glad they’ve chatted with you.