We are human, and while we have all been told to “not judge the book by its cover”, we can’t help it but judge others by how they make us feel.

It comes naturally without us giving much thought.

And while we judge others, we are also being judged by those we meet—online and offline.  So you and I need to make a memorable first impression.

You never get a second chance to make a good impression.

How does it relate to sales?

People buy from people they know, like, and trust, so if you are to make a sale, then you must first make a good impression.

When you make a bad one, it’s much harder for you to make the sale. However, if the first impression is good, you have a card stack in your favour and the sales resistance will be less.

Here’s how to make a good first impression online

1. Use your best picture on your social media profiles.  And anything else you put out must be in sync with the image you want people to have of you.

You wouldn’t show up to your first meeting with clients looking like you’ve been hit by a bus would you? 

Always use the best visuals that represent your brand (personal or otherwise).

2. Tell your audience what you do with clarity.  There’s something that sets you apart from anyone else which must be clear to anyone landing on your profile.

instagram profile-imie

3. Wrap your sales pitch within the context of a story—it is the key ingredient in getting  your prospect to relate with your message and able to imagine themselves using your product or services.

4. Always give VALUE when commenting on online posts.

Instead of telling you, here’s an example I just caught the other day on a Facebook group.

The poster (prospect) posted this:

“Do you have health insurance coverage…? “

Pushy responses:

“If you are interested, I can offer health insurance from…. I’d be happy to explain their products and provide free quote…”

“Join (company) and you will learn what is the best insurance for you.  Why let someone decide what’s best for you when you can learn and decide it for yourself….”.

Both these responses don’t elicit conversation or interest. It doesn’t answer the poster’s question.   If I were the poster, I’d be annoyed.

Better response:

Hi (poster),  I definitely have full insurance coverage and I can understand why you asked.  I had that question years ago as well.  As solopreneurs, our ability to produce income largely depends on our good heath. I believe it’s important to talk to someone who is familiar with health coverage for business owners to ensure you choose the best option for your needs.  You really can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes from having that under control. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Do you have any specific concern or question I can help you with? I can help you get that peace of mind so you can focus on doing what you do best.  Feel free to message me for a quick chat.

Here’s what I did here:

  • I answered her question. 
  • I emphasized with her. 
  • I talked a bit about the pain of not having it and what’s possible. 
  • Then I positioned myself as someone who can help her.  I provided helpful insights and a call to action.

There’s a lot more in my intuitive sales formula which you can download for free.