I had a coaching call last week and this question came up:

How do I market my business on Facebook groups without spamming people with my self-promotional posts? 

My answer was simple: deliver value!

If you’re a business owner or marketer, and you want to use social media, such as Facebook, to market your business, then it is your business to know how to do it right, so you don’t alienate or annoy people.   And the way to do it RIGHT is to deliver value. It’s been proven time and again, that spamming people with constant self-promotional posts don’t work.  Why? Because blatant self-promotion is anti-social.  People go on Facebook to be entertained and enlightened, NOT to be sold. Period. That’s why delivering value wins all the time. 

The question is: HOW? 

How exactly do you deliver value on Facebook without coming across as spammy and self-promotional?  It’s a challenge that a lot of people struggle with.  

The good news is: IT IS POSSIBLE to market your business without pushing your products.

Value-based marketing boils down to your intentions and actions. What do you want to be perceived as?  Do you want people to know you as someone inspiring and helpful or a product peddler? Does your action match your intentions?  Your answer is what will drive your marketing strategy.

Two ways to provide value on Facebook


That means commenting, answering questions, and sharing your insights. It’s not complicated. Just answer questions and be as helpful as you can.  For example: let’s say someone posted a question in a group on how to remove acne scar, and you happen to have the best product for this problem.  Instead of telling the person right out to buy your product, you can provide value by explaining the key ingredients in a product that help with acne scar. This, of course, requires you to know more about your product. 

Be willing to engage in a conversation and offer help–without pushing a product. This is how you’ll start a conversation that could lead to a relationship and sale. 

By showing up and being helpful as often as you can, people will notice and remember you.  Research shows that people need to see and hear your message seven times before they can remember you.  So show up often!

WRITING POSTS that answer people’s most pressing questions, or problems without pushing a product.

If you’re a customer, what are some of the questions that you might have regarding the products or service?

In other words, answering people’s questions in groups that are related to your product or service is the second way of PROVIDING VALUE.   Before people buy, they want to know that you can solve their problems with your product or services.  You social posts demonstrate how well you understand their problems, and the solutions you provide. 

Let say you’re a financial business.  You can post something that answers people’s questions. DON’T just post a question and ask them to MESSAGE YOU.  Most people know that this tactic is a sales tactic and will stay away from it.

Instead, provide content that answers the questions people have on this subject.

Here’s an example question you may ask:

Did you know that you can actually negotiate the interest rate on your credit card?  

Then provide the answer in the post. 

By posting this kind of content, you’re providing value without pushing your product, and at the same time, establishing yourself as an expert—a go-to person.  Someone helpful, who they’d be happy to do business with.

Still uncertain? 

Some people can take these two tips and run with it.  However, if you’re new to online marketing, these concepts may not come easy.  And I totally get it!  That’s why I am working on a content creation workshop which I will let you know as it’s available.  So stay tune….