I can’t write. Or even speak properly at times.

I can’t dance! I can’t sing! Definitely can’t – just ask my kids 🙂

I can’t even tell a joke worth laughing at. I just end up laughing at myself-or cry.

I hated my voice (still do) and I am petrified every time I do video tutorials for clients.

Sure I can tell people what to do. Hey – I used to be an executive, running an organization of 200 staffs. I can organize events (successful events) and can lead groups of people. I can create websites, marketing plans, strategies etc.. I can help plenty of people with all my “expertise” .

But deep inside, there’s this FEAR…  fear of making a fool of myself.  Not that I never made a fool of myself before; I have – many times!

But all things changed last weekend at the Blissdom Conference. When a girl I’ve known for a while – very talented and funny (actually hilarious) went on stage as one of the POWER HOUR speakers, and began to shake.  She was clearly nervous, and she wasn’t trying to pretend she was brave but she continued on, making her point and proved to us that anyone can be awesome even in fear.

“Imagine that, being terrified and awesome  at the same time…” was going through my mind.

I don’t remember everything she said, except this:

“If you are not scared shitless, then you probably shouldn’t do it!”-     Sharon DeVellis

This came down as a bucket of cold water for me.  Somehow, it gave me permission to be scared. To have these fears.  And I don’t know if these fears are ever going to disappear.

But I know one thing now, fears can’t stop me from achieving my goals.

Now I asked you, have you ever been scared?  How did you tackle your fear?

Share me your thoughts…