You want customers but can’t spare the time to communicate or converse with them?  Are you serious?

I was speaking to a group of small business owners and although they think online marketing is an excellent way to gain more customers, they tell me they have no time for it.

Business owners are busy, no one can dispute that.  But I often wonder if they want customers.  I presume they have enough and are not looking for more.  When I asked them if they want more customers, their answer was a big YES!

How To Find Time To Engage

You can’t find time – you make time.  There is 24 hours in a day.    Time is there and is available for you.  The  way to make time is to prioritize your activities and make time for certain actions that can contribute to more customers.

But you must first decide if talking and engaging with your customers  is part of your business strategy to gain more customers.  If it is, then consider adding CUSTOMER ATTRACTION into your activities.

Here’s how it can be done:

1.  Join and use Facebook correctly.  I say correctly because some people  join Facebook without a strategy or plan on how to use it for business.

2. Join Twitter and use it correctly.  Again, have a strategy.

3. Join Linkedin  to connect.

Set-aside 5 hours per week at the very least to converse, update and connect with your peers or people unknown to you.