I could feel the burden in her heart as she sat on a chair in front of me, inside a cafe at the little Italy.  She was shivering under a thick chocolate brown cashmere turtleneck. Then she pulled her hands from her  pocket and ran them through her unmade face.  Her eyes were ready to give up the tears held up inside, as she looked up at the waiter to give her order.

When the creamy and warm cup arrived, she cracked a smile momentarily and thanked the waiter, but  that didn’t change her mood.

She let out a heavy sigh before she lifted her cup to her mouth.

Then she looked outside through the glass window, took a deep breath and told me everything she had in mind:  the frustrations she’s had with her business, life, husband, and kids came pouring like a burst dam.  I sat there and listened, didn’t say a word; I had no wisdom to offer her and felt helpless. But I understand what she was going through.

“If only I could wave a magic wand and make it all right for you,” I thought.

Time flew fast while we talked, and at the end of the two hours we spent together,  she said to me, “Wow – that was the best therapy I’ve ever received!”

I didn’t do anything or say anything—I just sat there, listened, and acknowledged her.

So I didn’t know what to say in response, except to smile and hug her. Then I thought of this quote:

“LIFE in its highest state is understanding.” L. Ron Hubbard

Have you ever experience sharing the most amazing cup of java with someone and felt really good afterward?