Could you use a simple sales formula that ACTUALLY works?

Something that is not pushy, icky, or downright awkward?


There’s a ton of teachings out there about what to do and not to do in sales. 

What’s missing is a sales formula

A proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to sell, and what to do every step of the way— without using aggressive or hard sell techniques to try to “persuade” people to buy. 

Created for heart-centred, soulful entrepreneurs who prefer the softer, more wholistic approach to selling—without pressure.

The Sales Formula consists of SIX precise steps.

When done well, it’s foolproof.


“I am not good at selling myself,”   then it’s because you don’t know the sales formula.

“They don’t see the value in my offer,” then, most likely, you didn’t do step 3 of the formula.

“I am afraid to be seen as sales-y,”  then, you lack clarity on how to sell with authenticity.

If you are currently feeling any of these and want to change it, then you owe it to your dreams to learn the formula, so you can walk your ideal client through it naturally—like a perfect hostess at your party.

This SIX-STEP sales formula will change your life as an entrepreneur!

It’s time to stop “winging it”. Download the Sales Formula Playbook

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