Why should you even care?
Emotional intelligence is one of the no.1 skills in life that can help you reach your goals and dreams.
When you sell, you get to improve your emotional intelligence. Period.
Why is this important you ask?
Put it this way, if you have the ability to identify and regulate (control) your emotions and understand the emotions of others, you’ll be considered amazing. People will want to speak with you and listen to you–and that is no small feat. People with high emotional intelligence are regarded highly.
So improving your emotional intelligence will be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself. It’s the one ability that will affect every aspect of your life and business.
Reading a book on this subject or doing a course isn’t going to give you the ability. This is gained by working on yourself daily and selling is the best way to gain this ability thus far in my experience.

Here are 6 reasons why selling makes you smarter and emotionally intelligent:

Selling forces you to dig deep and figure out what makes you tick. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you use them to your advantage while staying true to yourself–which is very attractive! This confidence helps you shine brilliantly.
Knowing who you are and what you are capable of raises your certainty in yourself–making it harder for others to offend you. You’ll also be able to understand others better and become brilliant at choosing partners, associates, and friends. Who doesn’t want to hang out with this person?
Higher emotional intelligence means you are more certain of your judgement and decisions. Making you more decisive without feeling guilty. You’ll be better at eliminating toxicity in your environment and life.
Higher emotional intelligence makes you appreciate what you have and improves your mood–making you attract higher experiences in life.
Emotionally intelligent people are masters at living the moment, and deciding what is important and what to ditch. Eliminating needless worries.
With your increased intelligence, you are more attuned to all life around you. You’ll be able to appreciate others and can tune in and connect really well with people.
Have I convinced you to sell?
Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight.  By selling and improving yourself, you’ll evolve and transform from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly! 
So, are you currently selling but not experiencing the above goodies?
Then you owe it to yourself to learn the beautiful way to sell so you can improve the quality of your conversations and thus the quality of your experiences.