To Succeed – You Must Take Time To Think & Breathe

In our current society, we are always pressed with times. Time seems to be a luxury not many of us can afford. We are constantly bombarded with things to do; updates to make, things we need to read and learn and so on – non-stop, 24/7.

The pressure to produce instant results and answers are constant. We jump from one meeting to another; we even consume our meals on the go.

So unhealthy!

It’s no wonder our well-being is compromised and we don’t even have time to think about that.

Times Must Change.

To succeed in business and in life, we must take time to think and aggregate.    But this will not happen unless you and I make it happen by adding it to our  schedule.

Try these tips:

1) Consider taking public transportation to work.  This gives you time to reflect and think.  You may choose to do this while driving but I suggest you keep an eye on the road and hands on the wheels.

2) Block out some time in your calendar and form a habit.  Make it an important part of your daily activity.

Whenever I am under pressure or when I am trying to work things out in my head, I go for a walk, no matter how short.

Go out and smell the roses, extrovert and you will discover that you are more focus and productive afterwards.  Use this time as a ME time, buffer time, or thinking time.