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What does it really take to attract potential customers?

How do you make people buy your products or services without sounding too cheesy or too sales-y?

I’ll tell you.

There’s a system for attracting the right leads (that is, those that want what you offer) and a process for turning your leads into paying customers.

They are both non-negotiable skills (and thus essential) for entrepreneurs and sales professionals who want to have more clients and close more deals.

Now ask yourself: What if you could authentically charm prospects without being cheesy, but instead by confidently persuading them to buy?

What will happen to your business?

With the perfect sales training, you can:

Attract at least 5 new leads a day without knocking on doors or making telemarketing calls.

Dramatically increase your clients, friends, and followers through social media.

Be taken seriously because of your newfound level of professionalism.

Determine if a person will become a potential client or not within five minutes (so you don’t waste your time).

Ask the perfect questions to identify what they want.

Make them want the product or service you provide.

Know what to do (and say) when the prospect says NO.

Handle any sales objections like a pro.

What You’ll Learn

The step-by-step system (including set-up) to attract leads and the entire sales process from beginning to end.

The Perfect Sales Training for Introverts is a comprehensive online training that takes you through what you need to succeed in sales and build a successful business.

Most training programs tell  you WHAT to do, but fail to teach you HOW to do it.  I teach you both.


The Perfect No-Pressure Lead Magnet Strategy

  • The proven strategies for growing your list of interested prospects.
  • How to set up a simple lead generation system even if you don’t have a website.
  • How to create a simple, juicy giveaway to attract people to your list (with examples).
  • How to use emails to build relationships with your audience, using free tools.
  • Video tutorials on how to set-up e-mail marketing (using free tools).
  • The two awesome tools (that I use) to keep track of your leads and be more productive.

Building a list of potential clients is non-negotiable to any business. Discover the secret to never-ending leads. Your days of chasing people is over and it’s time to put together a simple system that will attract potential clients on autopilot with minimal work, so you can focus on spending time with your family, friends and yourself–the reasons you went into business for yourself!


How to Sell On Social Media

  • The secret to social media and how to use it correctly as a client-attracting tool.
  • The most amazing tools (mostly free) you can use to create sharable contents.
  • What to post on social media and the perfect time to post.
  • Why you need to follow the right people.
  • How to find potential clients on social media and how to approach them without turning them off.

Learn the entire process of using social media to increase your sales. This training will give you access to my Social Selling Guide, Social Selling Workbook, What To Post guide, and Sales Script (so you don’t get nervous or tongue-tied when the opportunity to sell arises).

And more….


The 6 Steps Sales Process

  • The no.1 thing you must KNOW before you can sell anything.
  • Develop your sales confidence so you can instantly build rapport with anyone.
  • The steps to identify the perfect prospect who will want your product/service.
  • The sales conversations and questions you need to expose your prospect’s problem and make them want your solution.
  • How to make an offer without sounding like a sales pitch or a commercial.
  • How to handle the top 6 sales objections.

What you’re getting in this training is over 30 years of my own learning as a sales professional, condensed into a six simple sales process that you can learn to use. After finishing this training, you will understand exactly why you failed a sale and which step was skipped or wasn’t done right, so you can correct yourself. If you don’t have this process down cold, you will continue to struggle.


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…selling more and living the life you love.

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