“The universe is fundamentally abundant…

there is plenty of money for anyone who wants it, providing of course that

you do whatever it takes to have it.”

Tell me…

  • Are you feeling frustrated and disappointed that money is not coming your way in abundance?
  • Are you doing “all the right things”, but not getting the consistent cashflow you know you’re capable of?
  • Do you feel there’s “something” that’s holding you back, but can’t put your finger on it?

89% of people are not wealthy because:

They don’t know or don’t fully understand the Laws of Money.

They have money blocks and resistance.

They’re unclear on the exact actions to take, that align with the universal laws.


This workshop will help you do three things: 

1. Shift your mindset and prepare you to manifest abundance.

2. Guides you to kick the money blocks and resistence out of your life forever.

3. Then… the most exciting part begins.  Help you implement the six powerful steps to

immediately start attracting abundance into your life.


This is an online workshop to be delivered in 3 SESSIONS:

Session 1–Nov. 25:The Laws of Money and how it delivers.

Session 2–Nov. 26: Ditch the money block & resistance.

Session 3–Nov. 27: Meet the universe half-way with the 6 fast manifesting actions to attract money.


  1. Once registered, you’ll receive an invitation to join my private wealth builder group.
  2. The session time will be posted in the group. Don’t worry if you miss the session as it will be recorded so you can access it anytime and join the discussions and Q&A.