…and What You Can Do About It

As sales people and business owners, it’s easy to get so wrapped up or fall in love with our products (or services) that we don’t allow ourselves to see the sales conversation through the eyes of the prospect.

And I think this is a big mistake. 

When we look at the sales process from the prospect’s point of view, we may discover the reason behind the “NO” and can take action.

Why the prospect says no to your offer:

  1. The prospect doesn’t see the value or how it will make a difference in their lives.
  2. They think your product or service is something “nice” to have, but see no urgency. Your offer falls in the “someday” pile.
  3. They are not emotionally stirred (James Bond style) by your offer.

Mastering the sales process requires a full understanding of who you are, and the value you provide so you can effectively communicate that information in everything you put out. This, as well, means knowing who you are trying to sell to (your target market); their wants, needs, and aspirations so you can frame your message in a way that make sense to them.

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