Are you ready for more clients and more money?

Are you ready to hone in your intuitive ability and inner ear–so you can get more yeses?

Are you ready to embrace wholistic, soulful selling?

Are you ready to build a business that thrives?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?



sales therapy SESSION

If you feel stuck, unmotivated, uncertain, overwhelmed, confused, afraid, and broke, then it’s time to quit spinning your wheels and ask for help.

This starter session could be the breakthrough you need to move forward, attract more clients, and make more money.

For one hour, we’ll chat on Zoom. I’ll ask you purposeful questions to help you identify and eliminate what’s blocking your sales. 

This will bust open the door and allow new energy and clients to come in and happily buy from you.  Sounds good?

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This up-close session is a unique opportunity for heart-centred entrepreneurs to practice and get coached on prospecting — online and offline.

I’ll hear your pitch, written or verbal, then I’ll help you improve it to perfection until you are fully confident you can do it.

BONUS: You’ll receive my prospecting sales scripts (template) you can use to create your own.

handling objections 1:1

This powerful session is for those who can talk to anybody but can’t get the deal closed.  Maybe you’re afraid to ask for the money—because it feels icky.  Whatever it is, I’ll teach you how to sell with authenticity, love, and integrity—without feeling sales-y or awkward.

In our live practice session, you’ll pitch me your product or service and I’ll give you feedback on what you’re doing that causes you to not get the sale.

Then we will:

  • Identify the questions you need to ask
  • Hone your intuitive ear to listen for the sales cues
  • Practice asking for the sale—without making it sound like a sales pitch


Choose the coaching session that fits you best (see right column).
Once paid, you’ll be sent a link to schedule your session with me.
Before the scheduled time, I’ll send you a questionnaire that you’ll need to fill out and return to me so I can prepare for our time together.
The session is not recorded, but after the session, you’ll receive via email a brief summary of our chat with action items that you can immediately implement to leap forward.

Each session is an hour long.  There are no refunds once the session begins.